Symposia & Seminars

7th International Architecture and Environment Symposium

Land Knowledge Recovery and Adaptation: The Case of high-altitude Viticulture in Lamole

Monday 25 October 2021

University of Florence / Online via Zoom

The 7th International architecture and Environment Symposium presents research into the recovery of land knowledge with particular focus on high-altitude viticulture in Lamole, Tuscany. Experts from different disciplines and knowledge fields will present their inter- and transdisciplinary research en route to land knowledge recovery and adaptation. The symposium is organized by Prof. Dr. Grazia Tucci, Dr Erica I. Parisi, Prof. Dr. Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel, and Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel.

09:00 Welcome & Introduction 09:20 Introductory Note by Paolo Socci 09:40 Prof. Mauro Agnoletti: Agricultural heritage systems in agriculture and environmental policies 10:10 Prof. Dr. Tessa Matteini: Living and cultivating heritage landscapes: active conservation, management, planning and design 10:40 Dr. Anton Pijl, Eugenio Straffelini & Prof. Dr. Paolo Tarolli: Massive GIS-based analysis of soil and water conservation on different steep-slope vineyard cultivation systems 11:25 Dr. Eric I Parisi & Giulio Castelli: Evolution of the methodologies adapted for studying microlcimate variations induced by terraces and dry-stone walls 11:55 Jakub Tyc: Composite Voxel Model – An approach to data-integration for environmental performance analysis of terraced vineyards in Lamole 12:25 Prof. Dr. Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel: Decision support for adaptation of land knowledge: The case of agricultural terrace systems 14:00 Prof. Dr. Daniele Penna: Understanding hydrological processes and dry stone wall failure in terraced slopes in Tuscany 14:30 Dr. Daniele Santucci: From urban to rural – Beyond the conventional significance of human thermal comfort sensing 15:00 Alessandro Magonzi: Multi-disciplinary methods for reading a terraced landscape: The Case study of Lamole in Chianti 15:30 Discussion

1st Architecture and Environment Lab & Seminar

Land Knowledge, Practices & Data

Wednesday 11 September 2019

University of Florence – Aula Caminet, Via di S. Marta 3, Florence.

09:30 Welcome & Introduction 10:00 Dr. Valentina Bonora (UniFi): GEOMATICS, a science in the between metric and thematic data 10:30 Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel (TU Wien): Embedded Architectures: Data-acquisition for Architecture and Environment Integration 11:00 Dr. Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel (TUM): Ecological Prototypes: Data-driven research on historical agricultural structures and practices to develop integrated architecture-landscape solutions for (peri) urban agriculture 11:30 Daniele Santucci (TUM) & Ata Chockhachian (TUM): Urban and Rural Climatewalks: a geo-referenced method to map comfort at a human level 12:00 Dr. Arnold Faller (TU Wien): Austrian administration and the data available to planners 14:00 Filippo Fiaschi (UniFi): Aerial photogrammetry by UAV in precision agriculture 14:30 Dr. Erica I. Parisi (UniFi): Multi-sensor UAV application for thermal analysis in Lamole 15:00 Arch. Alessandro Conti (UniFi): BIM and museums: the case study of Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence 15:30 Eng. Andrea Masiero: Positioning and synchronization for sensor integration 16:00 Discussion & Preparation of AE Lab 1 Field Survey

Ancient and modern Lamole: From Traditional to high quality Agricultural Practices in a Changing Landscape

Tuesday 13 September 2016

University of Florence – Aula Magna, Scuola di Agraria, piazzale delle Cascine 18, Florence.

09:00 Greetings from the President of the School of Agriculture Prof. Dr. Francesco Ferrini, 09:15 Prof. Dr. Federico Preti: Introduction to the cycle of seminars 09:25 Greetings and Welcome to the Chianti Region by Dr. Paolo Sottani, Major of Greve 09:40 Dr. Gennaro Giliberti: Viticulture and Landscape in Toscany 09:55 Andrea Dani & Enrico Guastini: Hydrology and Stability of Terraces 11:00 Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel: Embedded Architectures – A new Alliance between the Natural and the Man-made Environments 11:45 Prof. Mauro Agnoletti: Agricultural Terraces in Central Italy: Modern Challenges for a Traditional Practice 12:15 Prof. Simone Orlandini & Marco Napoli: Agroclimatic Impacts of Land Setting and Agronomic Management of Vineyards 12:45 Paolo Socci, Owner of Fattoria di Lamole: A future for “Antico Lamole”? 13:15 Discussion