Symposia & Seminars

AE Lab 1 Seminar “Land Knowledge, Practices & Data”

11 September 2019

University of Florence – DICEA Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Venue: Aula Caminet, Via di S. Marta 3, Florence.

09:30 Welcome – Prof. Dr. Grazia Tucci & Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel

10:00 GEOMATICS, a science in the between metric and thematic data – Dr. Valentina Bonora, UniFi

10:30 Embedded Architectures: Data-acquisition for Architecture and Environment Integration – Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel, TU Wien

11:00 Ecological Prototypes: Data-driven research on historical agricultural structures and practices to develop integrated architecture-landscape solutions for (peri) urban agriculture – Dr. Defne Sunguro─člu Hensel, TUM

11:30 Urban and Rural Climatewalks: a geo-referenced method to map comfort at a human level – Daniele Santucci & Ata Chockhachian, TUM

12:00 Austrian administration and the data available to planners – Dr. Arnold Faller, TU Wien

14:00 Aerial photogrammetry by UAV in precision agriculture – Filippo Fiaschi, UniFi

14:30 Multi-sensor UAV application for thermal analysis in Lamole: the previous experience – Dr. Erica I. Parisi, UniFi

15:00 BIM and museums: the case study of Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence – Arch. Alessandro Conti, UniFi

15:30 Positioning and synchronization for sensor integration – Eng. Andrea Masiero

16:00 Discussion & Preparation of AE Lab 1 Field Survey

Ancient and modern Lamole: From Traditional to high quality Agricultural Practices in a Changing Landscape

13 September 2019

University of Florence – Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Systems Venue: Aula Magna, Scuola di Agraria, piazzale delle Cascine 18, Florence.

09:00 Greetings from the President of the School of Agriculture – Prof. Dr. Francesco Ferrini

09:15 Introduction to the cycle of seminars – Prof. Dr. Federico Preti

9:25 Greetings and Welcome to the Chianti Region – Dr. Paolo Sottani, Major of Greve

9:40 Viticulture and Landscape in Toscany – Dr. Gennaro Giliberti

9:55 Hydrology and Stability of Terraces – Andrea Dani & Enrico Guastini

10:40 Break

11:00 Embedded Architectures – A new Alliance between the Natural and the Man-made Environments – Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel

11:45 Agricultural Terraces in Central Italy: Modern Challenges for a Traditional Practice – Prof. Mauro Agnoletti

12:15 Agroclimatic Impacts of Land Setting and Agronomic Management of Vineyards – Prof. Simone Orlandini & Marco Napoli

12:45 A future for “Antico Lamole”? – Paolo Socci, Owner of Fattoria di Lamole

13:15 Discussion